Mini Meat Loaves

mini meatloaves photo BDE504ED-A9BF-4B34-87B7-1B6A9ED273DC_zpsuhgcebdh.jpgI've always made meat loaf once or twice a month, but recently decided to make four mini-loaves, as one mini loaf feeds the two of us. Then I freeze and foodsaver others to have on hand for sandwiches or another quick meal.

Many cooks remark that it's more difficult to cook for just one or two people in later years when no longer cooking for a family or a spouse. I still cook as if still cooking for 5 or 6, then freeze leftovers for future meals or to save time.
mini meatloaves photo 3E840D47-C12E-418B-84FE-40560F20C7BA_zpsjcby1tqk.jpg
Depending on ingredients used when combined with a pound of ground beef you can easily get 6-8 servings for a very economical and satisfying meal. These could also be made by making in muffin tins for individual serving.

I make three kinds of meat loaf: recipes posted here:

mini meatloaves photo FBFDF3F8-8A71-4415-BCBB-A56C70335A16_zpsbu0agbu5.jpgThe one pictured here is the Cheeseburger Meat Loaf recipe topped with store bought French Fried Onions.
mini meatloaves photo 61DA188E-1F50-4283-B8FC-C845B07A7C36_zpswufu7uiy.jpgFrench fried onions have become one of my new favorite ingredients, as they're great sprinkled on a salad, meat, fish, soups or mixed in with cook vegetables.

Simply mix all ingredients, and divide into 4 equal portions and bake at 350 about 15 to 20 minutes, less time than if making a large loaf.

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