Handy Kitchen Gadgets

Who doesn't like saving prep time in the kitchen? Like many foodies, I find there's nothing like a stroll through the kitchen gadget section of any store and discovering something new or nifty that will help save time, or help with prepping or presentation of dishes.  

These are some of my favorite gadgets, (can't live without) and when given as gifts, other cooks like them, too. We often eat salads and homemade soups and several of these help make dishes attractive and much faster to make.

 Mandoline, Slicer/Wedger, and Chopper/Dicer

My Benriner Mandoline is handy for evenly thin to paper thin sliced vegetables such as radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, onions, potatoes etc.; with interchangeable blades, can also make julianne strips, or shaved veggies for garnishes.

Genius Slicer/Wedger works well for thicker slices of eggs, vegetables and lemon or egg wedges. It's very handy when making pizza or needing toppings for salads.

Chop Wizard helps for evenly diced or chopped ingredients for soups, potato salads, fruit salads, pizza, or omelets. 

Zester, melton baller, egg wedger, meat/poultry injector, micro-grater.
These are handy for a variety of tasks and making garnishes on salads. The micro-grater is especially efficient for hard cheeses such as parmesan or fine zesting lemons and oranges. You can make your own juices/sauces to inject into poultry or meat with the injector.

Meat tenderizer, digital thermometer, silicone ties, knife with gauge for even slicing of breads, vegetables, lunch meats.  The tenderizer has dozens of spring fed steel spikes to tenderizer meats and poultry before marinating or pounding. 

digital thermometer has saved many a meal, this one has settings for beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, veal and pork and beeps when desired internal temperature is reached. I discovered Silicone Ties a few years ago, and use to hold rolled roasts or stuff meats, or legs on whole roasting chicken, and I like that they'rer  re-useable and adjustable for size of meat used.  No need for string or tooth picks, as formerly used. 

I switched to several silicone items: baking items, hot pads, and trivots.  Can't do without for even baking and ease in cleaning.  Not pictured are my two silicone baking sheets/boards which give such an even bottom to artisan breads, pizza, and cookies.