Prime Rib, Fool Proof

Prime Rib photo 2E41E59C-B567-441A-A3D4-0680F7BC37CF_zpsjox9eeog.jpgA foodie friend shared this recipe which she got from her butcher years ago.  He handed out cards with directions for a Fool Proof Prime Rib.  Her only addition was spraying or oiling the beef then seasoning with salt and cracked pepper.  I oiled, then seasoned with a commercial steak rub mixture and garlic powder. 

It turned out perfect for the 6-pound standing rib roast we enjoyed during the holidays. Creamed or raw horseradish is a must to go with it!

I've cooked Prime Rib other ways, but this was "fool proof."  Especially nice is the timing of knowing when you want to serve dinner, and turning oven back on 30-40 minutes before.

Fool Proof Prime Rib
1. Select a standing prime rib roast, well marbleized with white or cream colored fat. (Follow these same instructions for any size roast)  I let age in refrigerator 4 days ahead of time.
2. Let meat stand in refrigerator for at least one hour before preparing, take out so it's at room temperature.
3. Preheat oven to 375. Rub meat well with sea salt and cracked black pepper. DO NOT ADD WATER
4. Put in roasting pan (uncovered) and place in oven; cook for just one hour. Turn off heat for approximately 1-2 hours, but do not open oven door at any time until ready to serve.
5. Regardless of the length of time meat has been setting in closed oven - 30 or 40 minutes before serving, turn oven on again; reset temperature to 375. Cook for remaining 30 or 40 minutes. (Pictured roast cooked 40 minutes more)
6. Open oven door; remove roast to a serving platter. Let rest 10 minutes. With drippings deglaze roasting pan and make gravy.

The meat will be very brown and crisp on the outside. Carve slices; you'll find it beautifully pink all the way through, juices oozing for medium rare beef. (A 1/2 inch restaurant style slice is perfect in our family.)

A 6 pound rib roast should easily serve 8-12 amply depending on size of slices.  One rib serves 2 or 3 people.

Creamed Horseradish Sauce: Mix sour cream with raw horseradish to taste.  Some prefer a milder taste.

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