Wisconsin Potato Cheese Soup

This recipe came from a family member living in Wisconsin for inclusion in "Our German Family Favorites Cook Book" published in the early 90s. 

It can be made without Gruyere cheese, using only Cheddar.  Ingredients are usually on hand in any cook's kitchen, and offer many tasty servings for very little cost.

Wisconsin Potato Cheese Soup
3 Tabs. butter
1 cup diced carrots
1/2 cup diced celery
1 cup chopped onion
3 cups water  and 3 chicken bullion cubes  (or 3 cups of chicken broth)
2 cups milk
4 cups of cubed potatoes peeled or not
3/4 cup Gruyere cheese
1 1/2 cups sharp, Cheddar cheese, white or yellow - shredded

Melt butter, add carrots, onion, celery and cook over low heat until tender, stirring occasionally.  Add water, bullion and potatoes.  Cover and cook until tender about 15-20 minutes.  Mash vegetables slightly.  Add milk cooking until heated.  Gradually stir in cheeses until melted.  Add salt and pepper.  Garnish with chives, cooked diced bacon or croutons.  Serves 6-8

Estimated Cost $3.00; .50 cents or less per serving.