Orange and Onion Salad

Orange Salad photo 7243A698-4B5C-4016-A8A9-30DA909CC8A8-560-0000005B53662629_zps9df9c756.jpgThis offers a fast, easy, and attractive salad.  It was first served to me at a dinner party decades ago.  Over the years I've often served it for family or guests.

 It makes a colorful presentation with a delightful combination of flavors. Who'd ever think onions and oranges would go together?

We eat salad every night with our meals, so I'm always trying to offer a variety during the week.  It can be assembled on individual plates or layered in a large bowl to pass around.

I've also made a large bowl for potluck luncheons and picnics. One medium to large orange serves two people, but if your oranges are small, allow one per person.

The recipe offers flexibility, if you want to add more or less onion or Craisins. Most of the time I "eyeball" all ingredients."  Measurements listed below don't have to be exact.

Orange Salad photo B1648BFF-73C5-4703-B2E8-81A915408BFC-560-0000005B3B46D24D_zpsccbb1e72.jpg
Orange and Onion Salad
2 medium to large size oranges peeled and sliced
1/2 medium onion, thinly sliced
layer of spring mix lettuce or torn Romaine lettuce, or baby spinach leafs
1/2 cup Craisins (optional)
1/3 cup Italian dressing

Arrange lettuce in bottom of a large bowl. Peel oranges and slice into about 1/4-inch rounds and layer in bowl.  Add thinly sliced onions, sprinkle in Craisins, then drizzle with Italian dressing, gently tossing to coat all ingredients.

Or for individual salad plates, arrange lettuce on plates, then add orange and onion slices and top with Craisins. Drizzle with Italian dressing. Serves 4.

Estimated cost:  $1.20 or less; .30 cents a serving or less.


  1. Yum. But for the "Craisins" (yeah, like in my dreams), I could easily make that here!

    Actually, the Vietnamese here in Dalat (where all the fruits/flowers are grown 'cuz it's cool - not tropical swelter as the rest of Vietnam) are very big on dried fruits. Dried cherries are my favorite, so I could probably use those to replace the "Craisins".

    1. They are optional, the original recipe didn't have them, I added for color. A sprinkling of cheese or nuts would work, too. But the Italian dressing with the onions and oranges is tasty!