Turkey Wrap and Pinwheels

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Flour tortillas in all sizes and flavors must be the "neatest thing since slice bread!" There are tons of wrap ideas on the Internet, as they're popular at parties. 

I keep sliced deli meats on hand and other traditional sandwich ingredients and "create" a batch, then wrap in clear plastic to have on hand for a snack, lunch or dinner with soup.

When sliced 1/2  to an inch thick, wraps offer a pretty pinwheel presentation for an appetizer table. And if left whole or cut in half, they travel well for for lunch at work, or a picnic.

Here's a Pinterest link for many possibilities for ingredients.

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Turkey Wrap Pinwheels
Large flavored or unflavored flour tortillas (10-12 inches)
Cream cheese, softened or mayonnaise
Slices of deli turkey
Lettuce chopped or baby spinach leafs
Thinly sliced onions
Shredded cheese of choice, Cheddar or Swiss
salt and pepper

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Divide filling ingredients and spread evenly over slightly warm tortillas; roll up tortillas, tightly. I warm tortillas on a towel in the microwave for 15 to 20 seconds and keep covered until ready to spread fillings. A warm tortilla is easier to roll up without cracking or breaking.

Start with mayo or cream cheese, add lettuce then other ingredients. Once rolled, cover tightly with plastic wrap, twisting ends and refrigerate for several hours. 

Unwrap; cut into slices 1/2-inch to 1-inch thick for appetizers or in half or thirds for a lunch or light supper with soup.

Estimated cost: $1.00 or less per large tortilla wrap, depending on ingredients used.

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