Bud's Bloody Mary Mix

 photo null_zpsc6b8b461.jpgA friend gave me this recipe back in the late 1970s.  We belonged to a group of avid bridge players who'd get together for marathon bridge sessions during the holidays and summers. 

We'd often gather for breakfast or brunch before the big game at someone's house.  I usually brought my bundt pan breakfast cake or overnight breakfast casserole and "Bud" always supplied his Bloody Mary Mix.

This mix can also be enjoyed for a refreshing summer drink without alcohol, and believe it or not..... a great base for vegetable beef soup!

Bloody Mary Mix
1 46 - 48 oz. can tomato juice
2,  15 oz. cans of beef broth
4 Tabs. lemon juice (juice of one lemon)
2 Tabs. Worcestershire sauce
4 - 5 dashes of Tabasco sauce
1 to 2 tsps. prepared horseradish, optional
4 dashes celery salt
4 shakes black pepper
*celery stalks, green olives, or pickled green beans for garnish

In a large glass pitcher or jar, blend all ingredients. Refrigerate until well chilled, at least 2 hours, but best overnight.

When ready to serve, fill each glass with ice; add 1 oz. of vodka, then fill with mix. Stir well and garnish each glass with choice of pickled green bean, celery stalk, or skewer of green olives. Serves 6 to 8.

Estimated mix cost: $5.00 or less; .80 cents or less per serving.

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