No-Knead Ciabatta Bread

Ready to Bake
Slice of White Ciabatta

Ciabatta Bread
4 cups flour (can use white or combo of white and wheat)
1 tsp. yeast
1-1/2 tsps. salt
2 cups warm water

Put four cups of flour, yeast and salt in large bowl; add warm water.  Stir until blended and sticky.  Cover bowl with foil, plastic wrap or towel for 12 - 18 hours at room temperature until doubled in size. Dough will be spongy and bubbly looking.

Pull out of bowl and turn out to floured board to shape into long oval or divide making two rounds. Dust with flour.  Flipover onto oiled baking sheet sprinkled with corn meal, dust top with flour.  Cover with towel for 2 hours and let rest and rise again. It won't seem like it's risen very high, put will spread,  and rise greatly when baking.

Bake 425 oven, 35-45 minutes until browned.  Bread will have thick crust and large airy holes. Experiment with adding seeds or Italian spices, or brush top with oil or butter before baking for different effect and taste of an artitsan style bread.  Can be divided and shaped into baguette loaves.

Hint:  Great bread for children to help make.  So easy!  I usually make dough in late afternoon and it's ready in mid-morning.

Link to Video of Step-by-Step

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