Turkey Ruben Sandwich

PhotobucketThere's nothing like a good corned beef Ruben sandwich, which is the one I most often order when eating out or have after St. Patrick's Day.  But I stopped at deli several years ago which offered a Turkey Ruben, and it was delightfully tasty!  

Like I often do when eating out and discovering something new, I began making them at home.

 I seldom have corn beef on hand, so when craving a Ruben, this satisfies for the taste. Chicken works well, too.  Try it, you'll like it.  And less calories than beef!

I make Black Russian Rye in my bread machine. We often have a half sandwich with soup for dinner or lunch.  Sometimes I serve with a side salad, cole slaw or homemade potato chips.

I'm always stocked up on jars or cans of sauerkraut for making pork chops once or twice a month, or we like it on hot dog nights.

Turkey Ruben Sandwich
Rye Bread: Dark Russian, or Deli Rye 
Thousand Island dressing (ketchup mixed with mayo)
Drained sauerkraut
3 or 4 oz. of turkey or cooked chicken meat per sandwich
Swiss, Provolone or cheese of choice
Horseradish (optional) added to the dressing

Butter both sides of bread.  Spread dressing on each inside slice of bread.
Layer cheese, sauerkraut, turkey or chicken and more cheese.
Grill on medium heat in a pan, turning once to crisp bread on each side, press down while grilling; or use a Panini type grill until crisp, heated through and cheese melts.

Estimated cost of a whole sandwich: $1.00 or less.

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