Blueberry and Chicken Salad

Summer says "salad time" to me. With fresh produce and fruits readily available, especially at farmers markets, it's so easy to make attractive salads.  Sumptuous Spoonfuls recently blogged this delightful salad which was a hit in our house.

I must  admit we like Wendy's chicken salad with pecans. cheese and apples and I've cloned it at home.  This salad is just as tasty, and what could be healthier: nuts, cheese, greens, chicken and fruit all in one dish.

This salad is a good way to use leftover roast chicken, otherwise use a cooked chicken breast. I keep almonds on hand in the freezer to keep them fresh for recipes.

I also used bottled raspberry dressing, but any homemade vinaigrette dressing would work.

Be creative! Other herbs or veggies can be added.

Here's the basic recipe.

Blueberry and Chicken Salad
3 to 4 oz. cooked chicken, cubed or sliced
sliced onion onion
1/3 to 1/2 cup of blueberries
toasted almonds
mix salad greens
crumbled goat cheese
cherry, pomegranate or raspberry vinaigrette dressing
optional: edible flowers or croutons for garnish

While chicken is cooling fill a salad bowl or plate with salad greens. Top with as many blueberries as you desire, then sprinkle with onions, almonds, and crumbled goat cheese. Add the chicken, drizzle with the dressing.  Salad can be garnished with edible flowers, pansies or nasturtiums.

Estimated cost for one salad: $1.00 or less.

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