Sis's Thai Cooking Adventure

My world travelling, adventurous sister has been in Asia for a year teaching English, and recently attended an Asian cooking school.

Her posts are mostly adventures of traveling and experiences in new cultures, and often include new food experiences or discoveries. 

I thought I'd share a link to her blog post of this recent experience, which includes a Thai dessert recipe which she described as heavenly: " 
Mango Sticky Rice - is far easier than you think."

So You Wannna Cook Thai, Huh? She's included some great pics of the experience, so I've included a few.

Mango with Sticky Rice

She writes, ".......or so I happily discovered during a full day's Thai cooking class at The Thai Farm Cooking School on my breeze through Chiang Mai last month.  Not only did I learn how to make no less than six different Thai dishes (plus sample a dozen more, made by my fellow Thai chefs-for-a-day), but we all enjoyed a day out in the Thai countryside, cooking in a pleasant open-air kitchen, each of us with our own spotless cooking station.

For unlike the plethora of other Chiang Mai cooking schools, The Thai Farm school is a family affair, and they pick you up at your hotel, and transport you to their "1,000 trees" organic farm located about 20 km outside of the tourist-centric city center."

The experience included shopping for the fresh ingredients, then preparing the dishes. Be an armchair cooking traveler and check out her post.

For the dessert recipe of: 
(Mango with Sticky Rice)
Check out her post.


  1. Wow Sis - you did a fine job w/ the pics and links here - thanks!

    But, uh... you failed to mention the very best quote: "her [my big Sis'] kitchen is chock full of every culinary gadget known to man." ;)